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    Learn About Yog in Kundali | Get Expert Astrological Guidance on Yog in Jyotish With Super Astrologer

    Sep 22, 2023

    What is Yog in Kundali?

    A Yoga in Kundali is a formation based on the positions of planets in the 12 houses of your birth chart or Janam Kundli and their combination. They are associated with various events and happenings in your life related to career, finance, relationships and more. Yogs can have a significant influence on your horoscope. They usually have a positive connotation. However, some Yogs can also produce malefic effects in your life and are termed ‘Dosha’. There are numerous types of Yog in astrology, that we will discuss further in this article.

    Types of Yog in Astrology

    A Yog forms primarily due to the presence, absence or combination of planetary positions. The effects of each Yoga depend on the attributes associated with the planets involved in the formation. Let us now delve into the various types of Yogs in astrology. 

    Gajkesari Yog in Kundali

    Gajkesari Yog is the most propitious in Vedic astrology. It has the potential to transform one's life positively. Let us discuss how it is formed and what are its positive effects. 

    Formation of Gajkesari Yog: Gajkesari Yog kab banta hai?

    Gajkesari Yog forms in the Kundali of a person when Jupiter (Guru) is in a Kendra (quadrant) from the Moon, either in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house in a birth chart. This alignment brings auspicious energies associated with wisdom, prosperity, and growth.

    Gajkesari Yog Benefits (Gajkesari Yog ke Labh)

    Individuals having Gajkesari Yog in Kundali are likely to possess higher wisdom, intellect, financial stability and abundance. It also contributes to good health and a strong physique of the person. This Yog also nurtures spiritual growth with a deeper understanding of the mysteries in life and enhances the potential for success in every endeavour. Individuals with this Yoga often have a positive impact on their surroundings.

    Gaj Kesari Yog Effects: The effects of Gajkesari Yog are primarily positive. They promote well-being and success in an individual’s life. Those born with this Yog are blessed with wisdom and abundance for personal growth and the betterment of society. In essence, Gajkesari Yog is a blessing that enhances the quality of one's life, leading to prosperity, wisdom, and spiritual awakening.


    Planetary Positions



    Raj Yog in Kundali

    Combination of Ascendant with the lord of the Kendra

    It is a very auspicious Yog and makes an individual strong, wealthy, and successful. It also ensures success in all your endeavours.


    Angarak Yog in Kundali

    Mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house

    This Yog is inauspicious and is associated with attributes like aggression and impulsiveness. It can also cause potential conflicts, making your life disited.


    Shadashtak Yog in Kundali

    Unfavourable relation between planets in the 6th and 8th house 

    It is an inauspicious Yog and has the potential to create tensions, misunderstandings, and emotional challenges. It predominantly produces negative outcomes for your efforts.


    Gandantar Yog in Kundali

    The transition between water and fire signs

    A person with this Yog incessantly faces upheavals in life as it is associated with the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction. However, this Yog also has a positive impact like spiritual growth.


    Kemdrum Yog in Kundali

    Moon alone with no planets on either side house

    This Yog causes loneliness in life. It also causes financial issues and difficulties to arise, making you surrounded by a constant feeling of dissatisfaction.


    Laxmi Narayan Yog in Kundali

    Mercury and Venus in beneficial houses 

    It is closely associated with abundant wealth, prosperity, and success in life. This Yoga is highly auspicious and brings forth new growth opportunities. 


    Markesh Yog in Kundali

    Placement of malefic in 1st, 2nd, 7th, or 8th house

    It is a dangerous Yog, having the potential to cause accidents, serious health issues, and hurdles that can be life-threatening. It is crucial to consult an astrologer to get its remedies.


    Neech Bhang Yog in Kundali

    Presence of the ruling planet of the Kendra along with the debilitated planet in Kendra 

    This Yog forms when a debilitated planet is present in the Kendra along with the ruling planet of the Kendra. The ruling planet cancels the malefic effects of the debilitated planet and bestows intellect and creativity.  


    Kaal Sarp Yog in Kundali

    Planets within the Rahu-Ketu axis

    This Yog poses multitudes of challenges and karmic issues in life. It adversely impacts all aspects of life like career, relationships, finance and health.


    Chandal Yog in Kundali

    Chandal Yog is predominantly considered to produce negative effects in Vedic astrology. It arises when the planet Jupiter (Guru) forms a conjunction or association with the malefic Rahu or Ketu. However, it can produce positive and negative effects, depending on its placement and the specific planetary aspects in an individual's birth chart.

    Effects of Guru Chandal Yog in Kundali: In some cases, Guru Chandal Yog can bestow immense knowledge, unique perspectives, and innovative thinking upon individuals. It can propel one towards a deeper spiritual journey and heightened awareness. On the flip side, this Yog may bring challenges related to ego, impulsiveness, and unorthodox beliefs.

    The effects vary greatly based on other planetary influences in the birth chart.

    In essence, Guru Chandal Yog is a complex and multifaceted aspect of astrology, with outcomes that differ significantly from person to person. Its impact can be harnessed positively with self-awareness and spiritual growth.

    What are the 27 Yogas in Jyotish?

    Several types of Yoga in Kundali are formed depending on planetary positions in your horoscope. There are primarily 27 Nitya Yoga in Vedic Astrology and are determined based on the time of birth of the person. They manifest in varied attributes in a person. Below we have explained each of these 27 Nitya Yogas. 


    Planetary Positions



    Vishkambha Yog

    Moon in 2nd from Sun

    It is associated with attributes like being wealthy and charitable. 


    Priti Yog

    Moon in 12th from Sun

    The person with this Yoga will be loving and generous.


    Ayushman Yog

    Moon in 3rd from Sun

    It bestows good health and longevity. 


    Saubhagya Yog

    Moon in 7th from Sun

    It brings prosperity and good fortune.


    Shobhana Yog

    Moon in 6th from Sun

    It bestows virtues and righteousness in the life of the person.


    Atiganda Yog

    Moon in 8th from Sun

    This Yog brings dangers and makes life problematic. 


    Sukarman Yog

    Moon in 9th from Sun

    Person with this Yoga will be wise and skilled. 


    Dhriti Yog

    Moon in 4th from Sun

    This Yoga makes the person courageous and determined.


    Shoola Yog

    Moon in 1st from Sun

    The malefic effects of his Yoga make the person quarrelsome.


    Ganda Yog

    Moon in 10th from Sun

    It is associated with anger and makes things in life unpredictable.


    Vridhi Yog

    Moon in 11th from Sun

    This Yoga is associated with growth and prosperity.


    Dhruva Yog

    Moon in 5th from Sun

    This Yoga brings stability and steadfastness.


    Vyaghata Yog

    Moon in 8th from Moon

    It is inauspicious and makes the person aggressive. 


    Harshana Yog

    Moon in 6th from Moon

    This Yoga brings joy and uplifts your spirits.


    Vajra Yog

    Moon in 1st from Moon

    This Yoga makes you strong and unyielding. 


    Siddhi Yog

    Moon in 4th from Moon

    It makes you spiritually inclined and accomplished in life.  


    Vyatipata Yog

    Moon in 12th from Moon

    This Yoga hinders life and produces difficulties.


    Variyan Yog

    Moon in 3rd from Moon

    This Yoga manifests in attributes like adaptability and flexibility.


    Parigha Yog

    Moon in 10th from Moon

    This Yoga manifests in attributes like obstinacy and immobility.


    Shiva Yog

    Moon in 7th from Moon

    This is an auspicious Yoga and makes the person blessed.


    Siddha Yog

    Moon in 9th from Moon

    This Yoga makes the person enlightened and accomplished.


    Sadhya Yog

    Moon in 2nd from Moon

    This Yoga makes things in life achievable. 


    Shubha Yog

    Moon in 11th from Moon

    It is an auspicious Yoga and grants  fortunate


    Shukla Yog

    Moon in 5th from Moon

    This Yoga makes the person pure  and virtuous.


    Brahma Yog

    Moon in 1st from Sun and Moon

    It is associated with attributes like divinity and spirituality.


    Indra Yog

    Moon in 2nd from Sun and Moon

    It makes the person powerful and authoritative.


    Vaidhriti Yog

    Moon in 3rd from Sun and Moon

    This is a harmful yoga and has malevolent attributes.


    Consult Our Astrologers For Identifying Yogas in Kundali That Affect Various Happenings in Life 

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    Question: How are Yogas formed in Kundli?

    Answer: Yogas are formed based on the positions and interactions of planets in one's birth chart (Kundli).

    Question: What is the significance of Raj Yog in Kundli?

    Answer: Raj Yog in Kundali signifies a period of prosperity, success, and authority in a person's life, often associated with the presence of benefic planets in key positions.

    Question: What is Vish Yog in Kundali?

    Answer: This Yog forms when the Moon and Saturn fall in the same house in conjunction. As the name implies, it actually has a poisonous effect on your life. It can lead to a dysfunctional family, low confidence and a significant pitfall in career.

    Question: What is Anishta Yog in Kundali?

    Answer: Anishta Yog's formation in Kundali is due to the combination of negative planetary positions. It brings bad omen and hurdles in life.

    Question: Can negative Yogas in Kundli be mitigated?

    Answer: Yes, some negative Yogas can be mitigated through remedies, planetary transits, and lifestyle changes.

    Question: What is the role of Gajkesari Yog in Kundli?

    Answer: Gajkesari Yog in Kundli is a positive combination that indicates wisdom, wealth, and success, formed when Jupiter and the Moon are in favourable positions.

    Question: How can one strengthen their Laxmi Narayan Yog in Kundli?

    Answer: To strengthen Laxmi Narayan Yog, individuals should enhance their spiritual practices and engage in charitable activities.

    Question: What are the effects of Angarak Yog in Kundli?

    Answer: Angarak Yog in Kundli may lead to aggression, impulsiveness, and potential conflicts due to the unfavourable placement of Mars.

    Question: Can Neech Bhang Yog improve one's life in Kundli?

    Answer: Yes, Neech Bhang Yog can reduce the negative effects of debilitated planets in Kundli, thereby improving one's life.

    Question: How does Shadashtak Yog influence relationships in Kundli?

    Answer: Shadashtak Yog can create tensions and misunderstandings in relationships, especially when the Moon and Sun oppose each other.

    Question: What are the remedies for Kaal Sarp Yog in Kundli?

    Answer: Remedies for Kaal Sarp Yog include performing special pujas, visiting sacred places, and engaging in acts of charity to reduce its negative impact.













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