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    Get Kitchen According to Vastu Shastra | 5 Kitchen Vastu Tips | Super Astrologer

    Dec 29, 2023

    Kitchen according to Vastu Shastra - Kitchen Vastu Tips

    Welcome to our blog on Vastu Shastra tips for kitchen, where we delve into enhancing the energy flow and harmony within your home. In Vastu Shastra, the kitchen holds immense significance as it symbolizes health, nourishment, and prosperity. By aligning the kitchen space with Vastu principles, you invite positive energy and balance into your home.

    Below we will share some Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen because the place of kitchen in Vastu Shastra plays an important role.

    Kitchen Location as per Vastu Shastra

    In Vastu Shastra, the kitchen place as per vastu significantly impacts the home's harmony. Optimal kitchen direction as per Vastu Shastra lies in the southeast corner, symbolizing the Agni (fire) element crucial for cooking. This positioning fosters balanced fire energy, infusing your home with positivity.

    Avoid the north or northeast corners for your kitchen as they're deemed inauspicious in Vastu. Such placements might trigger financial instability and health concerns. Equally important, refrain from situating the kitchen adjacent to bathrooms or toilets, as this arrangement disrupts the flow of positive energy.

    By adhering to these guidelines, align your kitchen direction in Vastu principles for a harmonious and vibrant living space.

    Kitchen Entrance as per Vastu Shastra

    Embracing Vastu principles, the kitchen entrance plays a pivotal role. Opt for a dedicated entryway, avoiding direct links to the dining or living zones. This spatial isolation contains culinary energies within the kitchen, shielding other areas from its impact.

    Moreover, align the kitchen entrance in a clockwise direction. Harmonizing with the natural prana flow, this arrangement fosters equilibrium in your abode, promoting a serene atmosphere. A mindful approach to the kitchen entrance not only adheres to Vastu but also cultivates a balanced and positive energy flow throughout your home.

    Kitchen Colour as per Vastu Shastra - Kitchen Colour in Vastu

    Selecting Vastu Shastra for kitchen colour profoundly influences the space's energy. Vastu advocates warm, invigorating tones like yellow, orange, and red for kitchens. These hues harmonize with the fire element, fostering vitality and zeal.

    Conversely, avoid somber shades like black or grey, as they can evoke a dreary ambiance that is counterproductive to Vastu. Adequate lighting is pivotal; these vibrant colors amplify luminosity within the kitchen space. Infuse these shades into walls, cabinets, or even in the choice of kitchenware and decor to cultivate an energetically balanced kitchen in accordance with Vastu.

    Layout and Design of Kitchen

    Designing your kitchen as per Vastu principles optimizes positive energy flow. Key considerations for a harmonious kitchen layout:

    1. Kitchen Stove Position as per Vastu: Place it in the southeast corner, aligning with fire energy. Avoid placing it directly under a window to retain positive energy.

    2. Kitchen Sink Position as per Vastu: Optimal in the northeast corner, harmonizing with water elements. Avoid placing it in the southeast or southwest corners.

    3. Organized Space: Maintain clutter-free, organized storage. Clutter obstructs positive energy flow, so regular decluttering is vital.

    4. Ventilation: Ensure proper airflow with windows or exhaust fans. This facilitates the release of any negative energy buildup.

    By aligning the kitchen's layout with Vastu principles, you cultivate a space brimming with positive energy and harmony.

    Kitchen Accessories according to Vastu Shastra

    Enhance your kitchen's harmony with Vastu-aligned accessories. Opt for copper utensils, believed to balance energies and aid digestion. Choose vibrant, earthy tones for crockery to promote nourishment and positivity. Align storage jars towards the south or west for abundance and longevity. Incorporate wooden tools for a grounding effect, fostering a peaceful cooking environment. Keep the stove in the southeast, ensuring prosperity and health. Utensils used for cooking should be in good condition, free from scratches, ensuring the purity of your food. Adhering to Vastu principles in your kitchen accessories invites positivity, harmony, and well-being into your home. Discover balance through these simple yet impactful choices.

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    Q1. What is the ideal location for a kitchen according to Vastu Shastra?

    A1. The southeast corner is considered the optimal location for a kitchen in Vastu Shastra. It aligns with the Agni (fire) element essential for cooking and fosters balanced energy flow.

    Q2. What should be avoided when deciding the location for a kitchen based on Vastu Shastra principles?

    A2. Avoid placing the kitchen in the north or northeast corners as they are deemed inauspicious in Vastu. Additionally, refrain from situating it adjacent to bathrooms or toilets to maintain positive energy flow.

    Q3. How important is the kitchen entrance according to Vastu Shastra, and what considerations should be made?

    A3. The kitchen entrance holds significance in Vastu. It's advisable to have a dedicated entryway that doesn't directly connect to living or dining areas. The entry should ideally align in a clockwise direction to promote balanced energy flow.

    Q4. What colors are recommended and discouraged for a kitchen based on Vastu Shastra principles?

    A4. Vastu suggests warm, invigorating colors like yellow, orange, and red for kitchens as they harmonize with the fire element. Avoid somber shades like black or grey as they may create a dreary ambiance counterproductive to Vastu.

    Q5. What are the key layout considerations for a kitchen according to Vastu Shastra?

    A5. Key layout considerations include positioning the stove in the southeast corner and the sink in the northeast to align with respective elements. Maintaining organized space, ensuring proper ventilation, and using Vastu-aligned accessories also contribute to positive energy flow in the kitchen













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