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    Relationship Astrology By Date Of Birth - Chat With Astrologer Online For Love And Relationship Advice | SuperAstrologer

    Feb 11, 2023

    Love And Relationship Through Astrology

    Everyone longs for love, irrespective of their social status, gender, or age. We all want to know how our partner will be and how our love life and relationships would be. The question is, “Can Astrology help us to understand it?” Well, the answer is YES.

    In Kundali, the fifth house represents LOVE, higher education, wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, skill, children and heart. Analysis of the fifth house, benefic or malefic aspects over it and its lord, conjunction with other planets and permanent significator provides an actual picture of the love life of the person.

    Every Person falls under one of the twelve zodiac signs. These different zodiac signs or Rashis impart unique nature and qualities to individuals which play a vital role in their way of thinking, their way of life and how they invest themselves in relationships.

    Specific events in our lives including the various phases of relationships (good or bad) last for specific time durations which are determined by various Dasha systems such as Vinshottari Mahadasha, Ashtottari Dasha, Char Dasha, Yogini Dasha etc. In addition to these, the current planetary position, known as the transition of planets or Gochar, plays a key role in determining every aspect of our lives.

    Lagna or the ascendant represents the body and habits of native, while the moon represents the mind, feelings, emotions, and imaginations of a person in Kundali. Thus, the moon represents mental strength. The sun denotes the soul and commands all situations.

    Thus, Chandra Lagna plays a key role in the life of a native. So many Rajyogas and Dardrayogas based on the moon are described in various ancient Hindu astrological Granthas. The Gochar system of prediction is based on the relative position of planets to the moon.

    Rajyogas With Fifth House

    Good Luck Through Love

    For three Lagnas, CANCER, LIBRA and CAPRICORN, lord of the fifth house (Trikona) alone become Kendra (angles) lord also.

    These planets, if well placed in Kendra/ Trikona, strong (exalted/in own Rashi, Digbali, etc), aspected by friend benefic planets, alone are Rajyog karakas for three Lagnas. Such native becomes wise, skilful, intelligent, knowledgeable, wealthy, administrative, lucky and enjoys GOOD relationships. Their spouse/ partner will bring good luck and will play the role of motivator, guide and mentor for them.

    Bad Luck Though Love

    The native faces ill consequences in the above fields and fails in his love, if these planets are ill-placed (trik sthanas), weak (debilitated, in enemy house etc.) and aspected by evil planets. Their partner will deceive them and love would bring a lot of misfortune to them. In a nutshell, the bad luck of the native will start after his love life starts.

    Personality And Physical Traits As Per The Lord Of The 5th House

    Every Graha has some influence on our physical appearance and nature. Some of these are discussed below:

    Surya - Rough skin, strong body and bones, adequacy of pitta, medium size, wheatish red colour, few reddish hairs, order, administration, honey-coloured eyes, possessiveness, vigour, masculine, governance, power, firmness, leadership, protection, punishment, royalty, soul

    Chandra - Fair colour, shining skin, medium size, fleshy, beautiful eyes, softness, beautifulness, kindness, carefulness, imaginative, poetic, comfort-loving, emotional, diplomatic, mindfulness, feminine, helpful, adequate Vaat- cough

    Mangal - Copper colour, muscular structure, reddish skin, tough look, warrior, leader, vigorous, firm, thin waist, lover of arms, Pitt adequacy, lust, arrogant, rigid stand, valour,

    Budh - Tall, fair greenish colour, boyish look, attractive look, actor, talkative, intelligent, sharp and calculative, diplomatic, skilled but confused, multi-tasking, but incomplete work (non-finisher), clever, humorous, dwindling mind, using double meaning words, craftsman

    Brihaspati (Guru) -  Big, bulky structure, fair yellowish colour, masculine, consultant, knowledgeable, wise, religious, administration, spiritual, fleshy, mature, studious, teacher like, honourable, kind, helpful

    Shukra - Fair looking colour, attractive face, penetrating loving eyes, proportionately balanced structure, refined, artistic approach, poetic view, romantic, sexy, loving opposite gender, feminine, teacher like, dancer, looking comfort, pleasure and sex, consultant, administrative, educated

    Shani - Tall, thin structure, blackish colour, big lips, small eyes, unattractive face, much haired, adequacy of Vaat, non-vocal, rough and non-refine nature, uneducated, labourer, making hurdles, lazy, stupid,  service class, big animal lover, deceptive, mean  nature, selfish

    A happy relationship leads to a pleasant life experience however there are astrological remedies that can help us overcome obstacles and disturbances in a relationship but for that one must consult a knowledgeable astrologer who can provide us with suitable solutions according to one’s birth chart.













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