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    Know the Astrological Benefits of Offering Water to Sun | Super Astrologer

    Dec 20, 2023

    How to Offer Surya Arghya to the Sun God (Lord Surya)?

    In Hindu culture, the tradition of offering water to Surya, the Sun God, embodies a profound significance that transcends time. This act of reverence, carried through centuries, beckons blessings and holds a revered position in the hearts of devotees. If delving deeper into the benefits of this ritual and understanding its essence captivates you, then let's begin on this enlightening journey together.

    In this blog post we will guide you on how to offer water to the Sun, and its benefits along with some tips, also we will tell you about the Surya mantra while offering water.

    Astrological Benefits of Offering Water to Sun

    Understanding the profound Surya Arghya benefits of this age-old tradition is pivotal:

    1. Holistic Well-being

    The rays of the rising Sun embody a rich source of Vitamin D, crucial for robust bone health and fortifying the immune system. Moreover, this ritual's positive energy serves as a stress buster, fostering mental clarity and tranquility.

    2. Spiritual Alignment

    This ritual transcends the physical realm, fostering a deep spiritual connection. Aligning mind, body, and soul with cosmic energy, nurtures inner peace and spiritual awakening.

    3. Cultivating Gratitude

    Surya Arghya benefits embody a spirit of reverence and gratitude for the natural forces nurturing life. It serves as a gentle reminder of our interconnectedness with all life forms and emphasizes the significance of preserving our environment.

    Tips for Offering Water to the Sun

    Here are a few insightful tips from our top astrologers. Keep these in mind when offering Surya Arghya.

    • Choose a Sacred Container: Select a clean and dedicated vessel, preferably made of copper or brass, to hold the water for the offering.

    • Purity Matters: Purify yourself by taking a bath or cleansing your hands and face before performing the ritual.

    • Timing Is Key: Offer water to the sun during sunrise or sunset for optimal reverence. These times hold significance in many cultural traditions.

    • Find a Suitable Location: Pick an open space where you have a clear view of the sun, ensuring no obstacles obstruct its rays.

    • Chant or Meditate: Chant Surya Mantra while offering water or prayers dedicated to the sun god or simply meditate, focusing on gratitude and positivity.

    • Offer with Devotion: Pour the water slowly and steadily, visualizing the sun as the source of life and energy, and express your reverence sincerely.

    • Use Surya Namaskar Poses: Incorporate yoga poses like Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) during the ritual to enhance spiritual connection and respect.

    • Dispose of the Water Respectfully: After the ritual, sprinkle the water around your surroundings or on plants, ensuring it doesn't go to waste and contributes positively.

    • Regular Practice: Consistency strengthens the spiritual connection. Try to offer water to the sun regularly, fostering a deeper bond with the cosmic energy.

    • Reflect and Be Grateful: After the offering, take a moment to reflect on the experience, express gratitude for the sun's energy, and embrace the positivity it brings.

    Chant Surya Mantra while Offering water

    Remember to chant these 12 surya arghya mantras:

    1. ॐ सूर्याय नम:

    2. ॐ भास्कराय नम:

    3. ॐ रवये नम:

    4. ॐ मित्राय नम:

    5. ॐ भानवे नम:

    6. ॐ खगय नम:

    7. ॐ पुष्णे नम:

    8. ॐ मारिचाये नम:

    9. ॐ आदित्याय नम:

    10. ॐ सावित्रे नम:

    11. ॐ आर्काय नम:

    12. ॐ हिरण्यगर्भाय नम:

    Note: To receive the blessings of the Sun God, devotees should regularly offer Arghya water every day. If daily isn't feasible, then offering Arghya every Sunday while chanting this Surya arghya mantra is advised. Doing so brings happiness, prosperity, sustained health, and relief from life's troubles, ensuring blessings for the household throughout life.

    Best Way To Offer Water To Sun

    Surya Arghya is a sunrise ceremony that demands proper preparation and execution. Begin by taking a bath and abstaining from consuming any food before the ritual. Fill a brass or copper jar with 250 mL or more of water for the offering.

    Head barefoot to a spot where the rising sun is clearly visible. Stand on the balls of your feet for 3-5 minutes, allowing a continuous stream of water to flow while keeping your gaze fixed on the sun. Chant the Surya mantra during the process, welcoming tranquility and vigor into your day.

    Benefits Of Offering Turmeric Water To Sun

    In Hindu tradition, turmeric holds immense auspiciousness. The act of offering turmeric-infused water, Arghya, to the Sun carries symbolic and astrological significance, especially during auspicious events like weddings.

    What role does Science play in Surya Arghya?

    The practice of offering water to Sun aligns with scientific benefits as well:

    • Vitamin D Absorption: Morning sun rays aid in the synthesis of Vitamin D, crucial for bone health.

    • Eye Health: Looking at the sun through a stream of water protects against harmful UV rays while aiding vision and preventing eye conditions.

    • Physical Well-being: Barefoot rituals offer natural acupressure and exercise for joint health, benefiting ankle and calf muscles.

    Mistakes to Avoid while Offering Surya Arghya

    Offering water to the Sun, known as Surya Arghya, holds immense significance in Hindu rituals. However, there are crucial mistakes one must avoid during this sacred practice to ensure its effectiveness and sanctity.

    • Using the Right Container Matters: When presenting Arghya to Surya Dev, the choice of container holds significance. Utilize a copper container instead of steel, plastic, or glass bottles. Copper is revered in Vedic traditions for its purity and conductivity.

    • Proper Pouring Technique: Hold the pot of water in both hands and pour it over your head while offering Arghya to Surya Dev. This pouring method symbolizes humility and reverence.

    • Handling of Flowers: Ensure the red flowers in the pot remain intact while presenting Arghya. The presence of these flowers signifies purity and devotion in the ritual.

    • Mind the Direction: Be cautious that water should not inadvertently splash on your feet during the process of presenting Arghya to Surya Dev. Maintain a mindful approach to retain the sanctity of the ritual.

    • Orient Yourself Correctly: When offering water to Surya Dev, ensure your face is towards the east. This positioning allows the sun's rays to be visible in the stream of water, enhancing the ritual's spiritual significance.

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    Q1. What are the benefits of offering water to the Sun?

    A1. Offering water to the Sun provides holistic well-being, including Vitamin D absorption for bone health, stress reduction, and fostering mental clarity. It also cultivates spiritual alignment and gratitude for natural forces.

    Q2. What tips should I follow when offering Surya Arghya?

    A2. Use a sacred container, purify yourself beforehand, choose sunrise or sunset timings, select an open space with a clear view of the sun, chant or meditate while offering, pour water slowly with devotion, practice yoga poses like Surya Namaskar, dispose of the water respectfully, maintain regularity, and reflect on the experience.

    Q3. Which mantras should be chanted while offering water to the Sun?

    A3. Chant 12 specific mantras including "ॐ सूर्याय नम:" and "ॐ हिरण्यगर्भाय नम:" to receive blessings. Daily offerings or Sundays with these mantras can bring happiness, prosperity, sustained health, and relief from life's troubles.

    Q4. What's the recommended method to offer water to the Sun during Surya Arghya?

    A4. Take a bath, abstain from food, and use a brass or copper jar with at least 250 mL of water. Stand barefoot where the rising sun is visible, pour water continuously while focusing on the sun, and chant the Surya mantra for 3-5 minutes.

    Q5. What scientific benefits align with the practice of Surya Arghya?

    A5. Surya Arghya aligns with scientific benefits such as aiding Vitamin D synthesis for bone health, protecting eyes against harmful UV rays, and providing natural acupressure for joint health during barefoot rituals.













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